HM Corrosion is comprised of cathodic protection and corrosion control engineering. We have been providing engineering, service, procurement, and material supply since 2000.

Cathodic protection, in short, means; a technique that controls and prevents corrosion of metals by making them the cathode of an electrochemical cell. Without cathodic protection, metals lose electrons and corrode.

HM Corrosion has been performed successfully after being used in the service industry for over 15 years.


HM Corrosion provides cathodic protection systems for a wide range of metallic structures, not limited but including:
• Pipelines. (Water, gas, fuel , etc.).
• Storage tanks.
• Rebar in concrete.
• Fire hydrant lines.
• LPG tanks.
• Heat exchangers.
• Plant & facility piping.
• Bridges.
• Pier piles.
• O shore structures.
• Ship hulls.
• Any other buried or immersed metallic structures.

Our usual work ow breaks down as follows: We prepare an application report based on feasibility analysis after which required instruments are installed by a technical eld team according to the work order. Upon installation; we inspect the system to make sure, whether structure (the cathode) is under protection and drawing the required voltage rates at Test Boxes. All of these activities should be carried out by cathodic protec- tion specialists with proper education and experience.
We also design and manufacture some of cathodic protection equipment. Survey, training, consul- tancy, test & inspection, procurement & installation are other services that we o er in the scope of Engineering -Consultancy.
Beside complete turn-key solutions, HM Corrosion may also be involved only partially to the above work ow. For instance; some institutes already have an engineering team to complete the project, but fall short of labor and equipment. In this case, we get involved only with supplying required materials and providing installation or vice versa.

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