Protects buried pipelines and storage tanks from corrosion.
Our Air and Oil cooling Recti ers includes wide range of protection and measurement features. The ultimate solution for continuous supervisory operation.

• Advantages at a Glance:
• Microprocessor control.
• Internal interrupter.
• Input for external interrupter.
• Input and output lightning strike protection.
• Single Phase (110/220 VAC ) - Three Phase (380 VAC).
• Current rating: 20, 40,100,200 ,300 Amperes DC all at 50V DC.
• Variac Control with Motor.
• 63 step tap adjustment (4 coarse, 4 medium, 4 ne.)
• 3 Reference inputs.
• Mode of operation: Pre-adjusted Constant voltage, Constant current, Constant potential (Instant o ).
• Selectable; manual or protect.
• Communications – GSM.
• RS485 Modbus.
• 4-20 mA.
• Diode –Thyristor / IGBT Module control.
• Oil level and heat monitor.
• Zn Reference input.
• Silica-Gel protect.
• High resolution current and voltage adjustment.
• Built in Analog-Digital display with Voltage, Current, Energy and Potential measurements.
• System e ciency: 85% min.
• Variety of enclosure types with built-in accessories (lightning arrestors, etc.).

Protection Features:

• Over current on the output.
• Phase loss (power down).
• Over voltage on the input side (Lightning protected).
• Over voltage on the output side (Inductive voltage from external sources).


• Input voltage failure.
• Output current error.
• Output voltage error.
• Reference potential error.
• Anode line error.
• Cathode line error.
• Over Hydrogen.
• Enclosure over temperature.

RMU Remote Monitoring Unit:

• Volt, Ampere and Potential measurements.
• RS485 with Modbus protocol.
• GSM Communication.
• Interrupter control Optional external interrupter. • Under Voltage and No Current alarm.

Scope of applications:

• Pipelines (Water, sewage, gas, crude oil, etc.).
• Ships hulls.
• Storage tanks.
• Water-circulating systems.
• Jetties and harbor structures.
• Storage tanks (Fuel, oil and water).
• O shore platforms, oating and immersed structures.

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