HM Corrosion values R&D therefore, has its own division to design and manufacture some of the eld equipment to meet the needs of top quality services to customers. Corrosion engineering is not a simple task and often times generalization lowers the quality of the application while increasing expenses. By designing and manufacturing our own equipment; we ensure to address each individual project’s unique requirements e ciently, while at the same time following global and local codes as well. Our design & manufacturing team and partners supply many standard materials and are always ready to nd quick custom design and manufacturing solutions with high quality at reasonable prices. Some of our readily available CP equipment and materials are:

• Transformer-Recti ers for cathodic protection. (Wide range of customizable units with remot e monitoring options).
• All types of anodes for impressed current & galvanic CP systems:
• MMO Titanium anodes; tube, wire, stripe, rode anodes.
• Magnesium anodes.
• Zinc anodes.
• High silicone cast iron (HSCI) anodes.
• Cable & connectors.
• Test boxes.
• Line markers.
• Insulating anges and gasket kits.
• Reference electrodes. (Both; stationary and portable). • Polarization cells and surge arresters.
• Thermal welding consumables.

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